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A production company founded on the vision of becoming a lead content developer within the Kenyan market through deviant, avant-garde techniques.

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Travel Photography

Travel photography is a subcategory of photography involving the documentation of an area's landscape, people, cultures, customs and history.

Studio Photography

Portrait photography or portraiture is photography of a person or group of people that displays the expression, personality, and mood of the subject.

Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is the use of photography by commercial enterprises for any purpose, not just advertising.

Fashion Photography

Fashion photography is a genre of photography devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items, often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines.

Landscape and Nature Photography

Nature photography refers to a wide range of photography taken outdoors and shows spaces within the world, sometimes vast and unending, but other times microscopic. 

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a kind of photography which mainly aims to capture portrait/people on situations, real-life events or milestones in an artistic manner and the art of the everyday. 

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